Macbook Air 2010 13inch

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Macbook Air 2010 13inch

Macbook Air 2010 13ich メモリ 2GB64GBバッテリー okアダプター問題がありません。古いのでキズちょっとがあります。よろしくお願いします


  • 商品のサイズ:
  • ブランド: アップル
  • 商品の状態: 目立った傷や汚れなし
  • 配送料の負担: 送料込み(出品者負担)
  • 配送の方法: らくらくメルカリ便
  • 発送元の地域: 埼玉県
  • 発送までの日数: 2~3日で発送

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  • ノートPCPC/タブレットApple Macbook Air 13 inch 2010-10 - Externe Tests

MacBook Air (13 polegadas, Final de 2010) - Especificações

Os testes em modo de espera foram conduzidos pela Apple em setembro de 2010 usando unidades de 13 polegadas do MacBook Air, com Intel Core 2 Duo de 1,86GHz e 2,13GHz e unidades de pré-produção do MacBook Air de 11 polegadas com Intel Core 2 Duo de 1,4GHz e 1,6GHz.

MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) - Technical Specifications

The MacBook Air (13-inch, Late 2010) shipped with roughly the same processor and storage capacity as its predecessor, the MacBook Air (Mid 2009), it improved on everyday performance with a faster graphics sub-system, and better-performing flash-based storage, at lower price-points. It shipped in two configurations: Dual-core 1.86 GHz, 128 GB

MacBook Air (13-inch, Late 2010) - Apple

Benchmark results for the MacBook Air (13-inch Late 2010) with an Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 processor can be found below. The data on this chart is gathered from user-submitted Geekbench 5 results from the Geekbench Browser. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 1000 (which is the score of an Intel Core i3-8100).
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