Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], October 25 (ANI): Union Minister For Culture, Tourism And Development Of North Eastern Region G Kishan Reddy at the launch of a 'Make in India' product of bipolar air disinfectant and purifier on Sunday said that more such trend…[ 25-10-2021 03:59 AM ]
“The Warren County Board of Supervisors offers our thoughts and prayers to those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic,” said Rachel Seeber,[ 25-10-2021 03:27 AM ]
Mohali was the biggest contributor to the spike with 135 cases, while 34 and 24 people were found infected in Chandigarh and Panchkula, respectively[ 25-10-2021 03:08 AM ]
Antidepressant mirtazapine, a drug used to treat agitation in people with dementia is no more effective than a placebo, and might even increase mortality, according to a new study. The research, led by the University of Plymouth and published in the journal …[ 25-10-2021 12:02 AM ]
The UK regulator has listed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)-- a neurological disorder that affects the feet, hands and limbs-- in the list of the possible side effects of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. The European Medicines Agency, had last month already liste…[ 25-10-2021 12:01 AM ]
A few simple precautions can help improve spine health. Here are some tips from expert that can help prevent back pain while working from home.[ 24-10-2021 11:32 PM ]
Even as the number of dengue cases in Gurugram has hit a six-year high in 2021, reaching a tally of 212 cases with three new cases on Sunday, officials of the health department are expecting more cases to be reported over the next fortnight[ 24-10-2021 11:26 PM ]
Autoimmune diseases may lead to drastic fluctuations in your weight in a short period.[ 24-10-2021 11:00 PM ]
The introduction of any pathogen into a pregnant woman’s body could have varying effects depending on the type of pathogen and the stage of pregnancy[ 24-10-2021 09:48 PM ]
Namibia had taken delivery of a Serbian donation of 30,000 Sputnik doses -- out of which less than 120 have been administered so far.[ 24-10-2021 09:32 PM ]
TEHRAN – Providing the required medicine, insurance coverage, bone densitometry in deprived areas and appropriate treatment in hospitals for people suffering from osteoporotic fractures are among the programs of the Ministry of Health for the treatment and pr…[ 24-10-2021 09:31 PM ]
Licensed marriage and family therapist Kevin Petersen discusses how parents can handle their children's mental health.More local videos here:[ 24-10-2021 08:00 PM ]
Washington [US], October 24 (ANI): Increasing intake of foods rich in calcium and protein such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese, reduces falls and fractures in older adults living in residential care, according to a new study led by an international team of scien…[ 24-10-2021 07:29 PM ]
A new study has found that COVID-19 can damage specific brain cells known as endothelial cells. It may be an explanation for the 84% of COVID-19 patients who[ 24-10-2021 07:23 PM ]
Washington [US], October 24 (ANI): Is eating nuts beneficial for breast cancer survivors? A new study suggests it is.[ 24-10-2021 07:20 PM ]
Get latest articles and stories on Lifestyle at LatestLY. Parents, take note! Filling half of a child's plate with fruits and vegetables isn't just recommended by the United States Dietary Guidelines, it also helps increase the amount of produce that kids end…[ 24-10-2021 07:05 PM ]
According to a new study, regular consumption of millets can improve haemoglobin and serum ferritin levels to reduce iron deficiency anaemia, which is rising globally.[ 24-10-2021 06:55 PM ]


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